7 Months


Art Direction & UI Design







Ticketmaster tasked us to help event goers discover events more organically on their website, while giving the site a visual redesign to match their latest web style guide. Based on target hot spots, users land on Ticketmaster and go straight to the search bar with a specific event in mind.


Ticketmaster users usually go to the website already knowing which event they want to search for. They discover events through social media or from one of their friends. When users do decide to attend an event, they usually don’t go alone. One person usually becomes the event planner and buys the tickets for the whole group.




Users can log in to Ticketmaster through Facebook, which will import their likes and list of friends from the social media platform. Users then can create custom groups, and invite friends to join if they share an interest in attending an event together.

Once a user creates a group, the group members will all see the same feed. The populated events shown are based on mutual interests and likes from Facebook. The user can like or dislike an event for a more curated feed.


When the group decides to attend an event together, they can see other Facebook friends that like the same event on the detail page. From here they can invite any non-members to the group.

If the group is attending an out-of-state event, the details page acts as a one-stop shop to give users the option to book an Airbnb and flights to the event. Users can also access separate checkouts, giving each individual control over his or her own purchases.