About Me

Basic Info

Hello, my name is “Master” Kenny Wen. I’m a visual / interactive designer from Philadelphia, presently based in Los Angeles. I currently work at Prodege as a Senior UX / UI Designer.

Admiring beautiful graphics from skateboards, typography on album covers, and clean layouts in skateboard magazines ignited my passion for graphic design. It made me curious about how this artwork was actually produced, so when I discovered what graphic design was for the first time, I knew I wanted to make a career out of it.


My parents are originally from mainland China, so that makes me Chinese. I’m the first ABC (American born Chinese) in my family. I was born in Philly and raised in Baltimore. After high school I journeyed back to Philadelphia to study graphic design. After I got that expensive piece of paper from college, I got a job with an interactive agency and moved out to Los Angeles.


Work Experience



Senior UX / ui Designer

(March 2019 -Present)

  • Create a design system for Prodege’s digital products that can be adapted on multiple brands

  • Redesign Prodege’s existing digital products with the design system that I implemented

  • Recommend process and new tools to the creative team to streamline the design process and handoff to developers

  • Define user goals for any new features or experience on the digital products

  • Do user testing to validate any new major design changes to the existing products

NFL Media

Product Designer

(May 2017 -March 2019)

  • Create visually appealing and functional user interface for NFL mobile app

  • Create and maintain new and existing features for NFL App

  • Audit legacy UI kit

  • Create static prototypes for user testing to validate designs 

  • Design a new UI kit for NFL mobile based off of NFL's newest design guidelines

  • QA visual design with the development team

  • Design components based off of customer intelligence and analytics

  • Create editable presentations for internal use

  • Create sketches and wireframes based on user stories

  • Design assets for NFL Events App ( Draft , Combine, Super Bowl, International Games)

  • Document components into an atomic level design guideline

EPAM Systems

Interactive designer

(september 2013 - March 2017)

  • Create functional interface designs

  • Provide graphical assets for client presentation

  • Document visual styles into a style guide

  • Collaborate with the client and UX team to create UI designs to marry the brand and product

  • Bring in process and tool recommendations to the client's internal team

  • Conceptualize a responsive design based on the client's needs

  • Work agilely with offshore team

  • Brainstorm and create proof of concept designs for sales team

  • Create sketches and wireframes based on user stories

  • Design products based on user's pain points and behaviors

  • Stay on top of design trends, best practices, and applications


Suplex Philadelphia

Freelance Graphic Designer

(April 2015 - August 2016)

Suplex Philadelphia is a sneaker shop in south Philly. They approached me to help them elevate their brand and make it cohesive with apparel designs, photography, event promotions and social media accounts.

  • Create social media assets to promote big events for the shop

  • Design graphics and logos for shop apparel

  • Create Suplex's first apparel range for the 2016 Summer Olympics

  • Design promotional items for sneaker events

  • Photograph sneakers for the social media accounts

  • Stay on top of streetwear trends to give the best product recommendation

  • Gave recommendations to make the brand more cohesive for digital and apparel

Freelance Web Designer

(August 2017 - October 2017)

  • Redesign Remarketable’s new website

  • Design pages for multiple breakpoints for responsive web

  • Create style tiles with client’s art director for new web app

  • Design conceptual pages for Remarketable’s web app

  • Polish conceptual webpages for production

  • Create wireframe and sketches for client’s web app

  • Collaborate with client’s art director to create new components and pages

Goodfellas Garden

Art Director

(March 2017 - May 2017)

Goodfellas Garden is a legal medical marijuana farm in Medford, Oregon. I was hired by the owner to give them cohesive branding (logo, packaging, etc.) to separate themselves from a huge emerging market.

  • Develop the logo and style guide with a story behind the brand

  • Packaging design

  • Design print ads 

  • Design labels

  • Create work uniforms for the team


Previous Clients

(Through Agency & Freelance)


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