NFL 100



Product design, App experience, UI design, content gathering, content recommendation

Collaborated with

UX director, creative director, content team, frontend dev, identity team





To celebrate the 100th season of football, NFL will launch a campaign called NFL 100. All of NFL’s greatest content from the past 100 seasons will display on the NFL App, allowing users to discover archival videos, photos, player insights and more.


The content team challenged us to find motives for the users to discover nostalgic content from previous seasons and determine what they will most likely to engage with. Creative director wanted us to give important players a unique experience if a users taps on their roster page. Product owner wanted us to surface more videos to increase VOD stats.


Average football fans usually only care about their favorite team, so we decided to focus more on the teams section. We didn’t want to redesign the whole layout, but still add a unique experience from the usual team page fans see during an active season.


For this project I worked with a UX director to brainstorm what pages will get the most value from the NFL 100 content. So we determined that the fans will most likely go to the teams page to discover content over any other page, which made the teams page the main focus of this experience. Then I worked with the frontend devs to come up with unique ways to alter the teams page with creating the least amount of components.



Inside the Teams section of the app, users can access a year dropdown menu from the main top header. This dropdown displays the team’s record for each selected year, as well as a brief summary of each year with headshots of key players.

When users select a year, the Team page changes the information and content to reflect the selected year. They will see a summary of that year, a roster list and videos involving that season.

Users can access a profile of any retired player including key information and related content, such as videos (like the player’s draft video and important career plays) and analysis.


If users tap on a Hall of Fame player, they are greeted with a more unique player profile. This version shows a bigger headshot with the player’s Hall of Fame enshrinement speech above it.

Below, users can see more videos related to the player and all the awards and honors the player has achieved during their NFL career.

When users browse through videos of a special player, they will see an insight attached to each title, giving fans extra facts that an average football fan may not know.